Innovative Talent Exchange
Within your organization or with external colleagues,
find extra help for your projects for FREE!

Consulting Costs

Save thousands in consulting costs,
reinvest into more strategic
endeavors for your organization.

Enhance Current Employee Experiences

An opportunity for staff
to broaden horizons
and learn from others.

Exchange Ideas
That Innovate

Deliver advanced solutions
by collaborating with
expert colleagues.

Advance the Mission
of Your Organization

Share knowledge and experiences
that benefit both organizations
through creative activity.

How Swapability Finds Help For You

1. Create Account

Create an account, confirm your industry association and set your match preferences.

2. Post Projects

Post projects you have coming up with the skill set you need in a staff augmentation.

3. List Your Staff

List your staff (and their skills) that you can temporarily share with another manager.

4. Review Matches

Review the potential staff exchange opportunities that Swapability finds for you.

5. Discuss a Swap

Connect with managers you are matched with to discuss a temporary staff exchange.

In a few easy steps, managers create a Swapability account, select their industry of related business and determine if they would like talent exchange matches within their own organization, the broader industry or inclusive of other professional industries.

Managers create upcoming projects that they need help with and identify the skill set that extra resources need in order to help the manager's project succeed.

Managers identify staff they are willing to share with other managers for a temporary exchange. Managers then indicate their staff's skill set and watch the magic happen!

Swapability's patent pending matching algorithms will find both direct matches and multi-point matches to help you find a successful staff exchange opportunity - maybe even two or three.

Direct matches occur when there is a direct connection between just two managers. Multi-point matches occur when more than two managers connect to form a mutually beneficial connection for everyone included in the match. Don't worry, this part is further explained on the match dashboard inside.

Whether a direct or multi-point match, managers can reach out to the other managers they have been connected with to discuss a temporary staff exchange. There are two ways to enjoy Swapability:

  • You can connect with other managers directly and arrange for additional resources yourself - all for free!
  • If you would like to have Swapability manage all of the details of the exchange (documenting expectations, scheduling, travel, housing, regular check-ins to monitor progress and everything in between), Swapability can help you simply enjoy the benefits of receiving additional resources at your doorstep when you need them.

All you have to do is offer a resource in exchange, either at the same time or some other agreed upon time.

After your staff exchange, Swapability would love to hear how the opportunity helped your organization and how we can better serve you!